Bitcoin Cash BCC BCH will replace Bitcoin BTC?

Bitcoin Cash BCC BCH will replace Bitcoin BTC? I thought this is the whole purpose of creating Bitcoin Cash (BCC BCH)? the benefit would be faster transaction and cheaper, but why the original BTC Bitcoin still continue to climb? Ah yes, finally Bitcoin Cash BCC BCH today at the moment up 30%+ and still continue to gain momentum as Bitcoin BTC continue to drop to $4200~

After some quick research on Bitcoin Cash to see any news development about Bitcoin Cash, but there isn’t any big news about it. Except a few financial institution said they will sell Ethereum (ETH) and Bitcoin Cash (BCC BCH) to customers, not Bitcoin. Interesting, so I wonder as more and more people and business sees the new potential of Bitcoin Cash (BCC BCH) they’re moving closer to invest in it instead. The new Bitcoin Cash supposed to be faster and cheaper.

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