Bitcoin bubble burst?

I’ve been enjoying the looking at the price of Bitcoin (BTC) rise in recent days, but guess what? last night it went up to >$4500 then started to drop and dropped further down this morning and it is below $4k at the moment.

What goes up must come down? It’s a balloon bursting? whatever you want to call it, it is bursting, it is coming down, but don’t let that deter you loose faith on Bitcoin. This is always been happening to Bitcoin over the years. We don’t what the peak is, where the top is, but apparently Bitcoin can go up 50% one day and down 50% another day or more.

My way of cashing out on Bitcoin is to buy it when it’s at 6 months or so low, then sell it when it’s 6 months or so high. However don’t sell everything you have, just sell some and let the rest sit, or just sell as needed.

Many people now speculated that Bitcoin (BTC) will be down for some correction in price. Yes, but it could be just people want to take some profit.

Some also think that major financial services including banks might be buying Bitcoin for saving to support their future customers whom want to invest Bitcoins or having a Bitcoin portfolios or so, thus causing the price to go up. If people buy Bitcoin and holding it, the price will be stable, if people buy and sell will make the price volatile.

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