Move your Bitcoin to local cold wallet

As the price of Bitcoin falling along with Ethereum and many other altcoins. As we’re approaching the month of August, especially on August 1st 2017. It is best to move Bitcoin to a local or cold wallet. I don’t have much Bitcoin but enough to retire if Bitcoin were to hit $100,000 on my retirement age which is 20-30 years from today.

$100,000 is a big number for one bitcoin, but it is possible. If we look back when Bitcoin was at 25 cent then it went to $10 within a short period of time, no one would expect it to go to $3000 within a few years and it did, so $100,000 is possible within 20-30 years 🙂

Once again to be safe, best to move Bitcoin from your exchange like coinbase, poloniex, bitrex, bitfinex and so on to your local offline wallet, highly recommend using cheap hardware wallet like $30 from ledger nano, it is worth it. As of today no one was able to hack hardware wallet like the ledger nano, trezor and so on.