Bitcoin BTC price just hit $2000

Prediction was made that BTC USD price will hit $2000 by end of 2017, well you don’t have to wait that long because today May 19th 2017, BTC Bitcoin USD just hit $2000 on Poloniex.

There are some groups that predict $3000 by end of 2017, see if they’re right, but for sure the $2000 prediction is true. However we don’t really know what will happen whether BTC price will go up or down, normally when BTC price sky rocket Government or something big happen will kill Bitcoin.

My prediction what could crash BTC now is government auction of confiscated if there are any left, or a big bust of Bitcoin money laundering such as drugs, human trafficking, illegal activities as such and the government enforce law on Bitcoin could kill Bitcoin. If so, Bitcoin will still be alive but the price might be hurting until it pick up again. Just as previously government tried to kill to Bitcoin too many times already.

You can use Bitcoin as is, you don’t need to exchange to USD and use it, eventually.

Bitcoin BTC USD hit $2000 May 19th 2017
Bitcoin BTC USD hit $2000 May 19th 2017