Is beermoney passive income on mobile phones still worth it?

Short answer: NO, don’t waste your time.

I have a perk farm, checkpoints farm, swagbucks farm, earnhoney farm. All mobile phones devices with quad core cpu 1gb ram optimized, good wifi internet connection and since the beginning of this year 2017, earning dropped dramatically. What’s the reason? After doing many research, mostly on Reddit, the answer involve with a few factors: Too many users abusing the network ads, meaning too many users watching passively with massive farm phones consequently split up the ads payout to less and less. Massive phones farm also caused network hic-up bottle neck bandwidth issue basically. Server issue also when too many users connecting to it.

Basically to me, it’s no longer worth to invest any money until less phones are connected to the network. Sometime even if you can connect to the network of beermoney passive income, you will get error now and then spinning circle or your phone crashed. No, it’s not because of your wifi internet as many users think, and no it’s not because of your phones clearing cache and stuff like that either. You may have seen youtube videos and some blog advertise how good beermoney passive income site are and so on, but guess what? those videos have advertisements, in other word to make money making those videos.

Last but not least, look at the mobile phones farm for online passive income abused by chinese people below.

chinese abusing beermoney online passive income with over 10 thousand phones
chinese abusing beermoney online passive income with over 10 thousand phones