closing down multipool mining and removal of altcoins

Not just, but I think many others multipools and others Exchange will be closing down alt coins that are consider as scam.

Bitcoin is the only coins that can really be trusted, it’s like the USD and EURO currency. Second to Bitcoin is Litecoin (LTC) and third probably Dogecoin. and announced today it suspend altcoins and multipools, see message below.


Altcoins Removal and
Multipool Suspension

Dear user,
Please mind that as of 1 Dec, 2015, DVC and IXC mining on GHash.IO pool will be stopped. GHash.IO multipool will be suspended as well.
Hence, the following altcoins will be removed from CEX.IO exchange: IXC, DVC, POT, ANC, MEC, WDC, FTC, DGB, USDE, MYR, AUR.
Thus, we kindly ask you to either withdraw altcoin funds to your personal wallets, or exchange them into Bitcoins before 15 Dec 2015, when all orders in order books that contain above mentioned altcoins will be cancelled.
Please note that BTC, NMC, LTC, DOGE, and DRK mining will not be affected.
Detailed information is available on CEX.IO forum.