I bought 3 Bitcoin at $343 per BTC a couple days ago

So I finally did it, I actually purchased 3 additional Bitcoin at $342 a couple days and it went to $300. Was nervous? NO 🙂 because I have money to burn! NO wrong! because I have a $1000 in my bank sitting doing nothing, and I don’t feel the need of that money anytime soon, so what the hec! I went ahead buy something that potential can grow in greater value, a good investment. However if it goes down I don’t feel bad, because I know bitcoin is here to stay.

Bitcoin is here to stay, it will not go anywhere, ever if the world banned Bitcoin, as long as there is one computer with bitcoin, as long as there is internet or some kind of network it will be around. So I’m not worrying too much about loosing that $1000 or 3BTC :).

As of now 11/12/2015 10AM Eastern Time, Bitcoin is at $330, and I bought it at $343 🙂