Verizon Fios webmail email will get deleted and cannot be reactivated

Watch out folks, if you have Verizon Fios services, and using webmail or your email at or so. Your email will get deleted if you login or access your account in 180 days, it will get deleted forever and cannot be retrieved.

We wanted to let you know that we changed our email policy to provide that inactive email— accounts not accessed for 180 days—will be deleted and will not be able to be reactivated.

With this change, if you haven’t accessed your email account in over 180 days, your email account will be deleted, and you will not be able to reactivate it. This change only impacts your email account. Your access to will not be affected.

If this change applies to you and you’d like to keep your email account active, simply log in to from a computer and check your email within the next 30 days. Any email accounts that remain inactive after 30 days from the date that this notice is sent or that subsequently become inactive will be deleted, including the email address.

Please visit to review our updated policy.

Thanks for being a loyal Verizon customer.