Is eBay really protecting the seller?

I sold an Amazon gift card on Friday 11/6 and on 11/7 I got a Paypal case opened against me because the buyer said it was an unauthorized transaction.

Paypal immediately took the money out of my account and placed it on hold, meaning I don’t have that money anymore, already taken out of my account and giving it back to the buyer. That is sad. I already shipped the Amazon gift card.

But! guess what? 🙂 that Amazon gift card is actually a paper gift cards and I kept the codes on records, meaning I still have the code. I can trace to see if the buyer will use it and perhaps on which account. Furthermore I can be creative and maybe cancel those gift codes by spending it onto my own amazon account. So this is a lesson learn I would to share to others, ensure you keep records.

I’m not sure what really happen in this case, did the buyer really a victim of a paypal account being hacked? or is it just another scammer trying to get a free gift card? the value is small, not that big to go through the process of being investigated.

Anyhow, I’ve already shipped that Gift Cards and it’s in-transit to be delivered on Monday 11/9. I already submitted my respond to Paypal that I have proof that I shipped, and I use eBay integrated shipping, the whole process done in eBay system. Let see what kind of protection will I have. Stay tuned.