My family van flat tire with a knife?

Well just an assumption. This morning I woke up and went to the mail box to mail some items. I noticed my van have a flat tire. I immediately pump it up and noticed the air are coming out from the side, and that’s where the air leaking from.

I got my repair kit, and check out the damage. It’s on the side of the tire. Back wheel on the right side. So probably not being slashed or puncture at home I’m sure, because on the right side is where the entrance door to my house so no one would be that stupid to slash or puncture on the right side when they could have done it on the left side.

The puncture appear to be not from any kind of nails or screws but rather like a knife or sharp edges cutting in it. Right next to the hole, there’s another mark of unsuccessful puncture appear like it. So it’s hard to say if someone done this intentionally and for what reason. Or could it just some sharp objects that I went over or turning and hit the curb several weeks ago and now the impact might have worsen.

Anyhow I got it repair done in my garage with 2 sticks of strip to repair it because the hole was big. Also there’s a lot of construction going on, I wonder if there were something on the road that I hit.

Maybe it’s time to upgrade my house with more security camera just in case 🙂