I’ve been so ill lately with some sort of food poisoning maybe

Starting Thursday night, I feel a little bit warm small fever and then throughout the night the fever got worse and then Friday severe headache, couldn’t eat anything that whole day.

Friday night didn’t much any better then start to have diarrhea, that’s when I know it got to be it, it’s what I’ve eaten the previous day. Saturday morning, the fever was gone, but headache was off and on, dizzy sometime but I was able to do some work around the house. However diarrhea still a problem.

I noticed during the later stage if I get up and walk or do something I feel fine, but then as soon as I sat down or lie down that’s when it hit me again. Sunday got better, but still have a little of diarrhea.

Now Monday, I was able to work, and diarrhea appears to decrease and I almost made a mistake again by eaten food that have left outside for over 24 hours, especially soup and it has strange stinky smell, I thought I could boil it and could be good again, but I don’t think that’s a good idea, when it’s bad, it’s bad, doesn’t matter if you recook, reboil those bad bacteria or whatever still there.