Fire phone texting messages with link not clickable to browser?

Another issue that I’ve encountered with the Fire Phone is, when I received a message with a hyperlink such as tracking # from USPS or something, I was to click on it, and it will bring me to usps website with tracking status. However with the Fire Phone texting, it doesn’t work.

Maybe because I don’t know how to use, it’s my third day using it. This should be standard features, I shouldn’t need to set anything up for it to work properly. Wondering if anyone encountered this issue. I tried googling searching for anyone who might have this problem, but the research result shows up empty. I search for “fire phone text messages links not clickable” so far nothing particular.

I do see quite a bit of bad reviews about the amazon fire phone, maybe these are some of the problems I encountered that everyone encounter the same thing. I hope Amazon realize these standard features and have it fix on the next OS update release. Otherwise I think I will need to root it with CM or Gapps or something.