Expedia and Hertz rental car charged me double

I have bad experience with both Expedia and Hertz rental car. I booked a rental car through Expedia.com and they charged me immediately including fees. When I arrived to get my rental car with Hertz, things appears to be smooth, but when I returned the car, and I didn’t check the receipt until I got home, and they somehow charged me again even though I gave them my paperwork printed from Expedia.com website at Hertz rental car counter.

I immediately contacted Expedia, and they said they will need me to send proof of the receipt I got charged by Hertz then they can look into it. I sent email with Hertz receipt, and I called Expedia to follow up, and they said they will refund me in 2-3 business days.

A week later, still no refund, so I called Expedia again, and they told me to call Hertz or expect a call from Hertz rental car. At this point, I’m a little upset because it appears that Expedia and Hertz are professional big business but making me their customer run around when they supposed to have communication in place to fix my problem.

Enough with the call, I went ahead and contacted my credit card company whom is Chase by the way. Chase sent me a form to fill out, which is very straight forward, I did, and sent whatever proof I have and within a week, I received reversal credit to my credit card from Expedia.

Several weeks later Hertz also sent me a refund which I believe is the fees Expedia pocket.

Overall, I think I wasted some hours and loss some trust with such large business that don’t care much about their customer when they could have done better. In my case, they should have communicated to one another, Expedia and Hertz instead of asking me to call each one. I will try to stay away from them, but if they have good deal I might have to use them again in the future though 🙂 It’s all about price for me, unless the hassle would damage me greatly, in this case, it doesn’t 🙂