Applied for Amazon business account

I got an email from AmazonBusiness, asking me to review the benefit of being AmazonBusiness account holder. I reviewed it, and what caught my attention is the $49 order I can get 2 days shipping for free.

So I went ahead and applied for it. The process pretty straight forward, although it will required your EIN (tax id#) for small business, so if you’re not a business owner or doing business as, you probably don’t know what it is, and you may not be qualified. I, myself, don’t even know if I qualified, but I do operate a business, self employ to be exact. I have my EIN and business name listed in the public directory, and even a phone # for my business and off course my home address is a business as well.

Will see what the result will be, but at the end of the application process. Amazon said that it will take them 2-3 business days to validate and confirm my business before letting me be part of the AmazonBusiness group. Free membership by the way.

Below is the message I got from Amazon after filling out the app.

amazon business account free 2 days shipping
amazon business account free 2 days shipping

Got approved! 🙂

Thank you for completing the business registration process.

While business verification is pending, you can shop on You can always check your status by visiting Manage Your Business in Your Account. You will receive another email after your business account is verified, which takes up to 3 business days. At that time, you will be able to add people to your account and access business account features.

If you have questions, visit our Business Accounts Help & Customer Service page.

Thank you for choosing Amazon Business.

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