latest news from Newsletter: NRG now on DigiFinex Exchange! (New Languages: 한국어,简体中文, 繁體中文, bahasa Indonesia)

I don’t know much about this exchange digifinex, but they are listed on coinmarketcap, and have about $767 million worth of cryptocurrencies.

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December Newsletter
NRG now on DigiFinex Exchange! (New Languages: 한국어,简体中文, 繁體中文, bahasa Indonesia)
We are pleased to announce that Energi is now listed on DigiFinex!
DigiFinex, based out of Singapore, is the 4th ranked Cryptocurrency Exchange in the world with daily volume of more than 500 million USD! DigiFinex supports English, Korean, Indonesian, and Chinese languages.
Check out DigiFinex here:
Energi Coin-Economics
Cryptocurrency introduced the idea that a means of exchange could be governed by a set of hard and fast rules, rather than being subject to the whims of the government that issued it. How these rules are set up gives each cryptocurrency its unique attributes. We have recently wrote an article that explains the Coin-Economics behind Energi, and how Energi’s coin issuance is better than any other cryptocurrency today.
Check out the full article here:
Masternode Setup Video Tutorial
We have created a video tutorial on how to set up an Energi Masternode using the script created by our masternode expert, Mike. For additional assistance with masternodes, feel free to join our Discord channel, but be aware of scammers impersonating admins. Admins will never DM you first to offer help, and if you’re unsure as to whether you are in communication with the right person, please ask someone else from the official team to verify their identity.
Masternode Setup Video:
Automated Masternode Guide with Script:
Blockfolio Signal and Delta Direct
We are proud to announce that we have partnered with Blockfolio Signal and Delta Direct to keep you updated on our latest project developments from our leadership team! Blockfolio and Delta are two of the most popular cryptocurrency portfolio-tracking applications, and we are excited to be able to connect with our audience in new ways.
Stay tuned as we will be pushing all future major announcements through these apps!
Energi Partners
Arcane Bear
Energi has recently became the first sponsor of Arcane Bear’s charity work. We are honored to help support the great humanitarian efforts that he is doing. This month, Arcane Bear headed to Children’s Orphanage in Sri Lanka for Christmas and delivered gifts to the orphans there.
Watch Arcane Bear’s philanthropic work in action here:
Data Dash
Our partner Data Dash has started a monthly newsletter that covers not only cryptocurrencies, but also equities, commodities, and world markets. This newsletter includes twice monthly webinar Q/A, discounted tickets to conferences Nicholas is speaking at, and telegram alerts.
Details can be found here on his website:
Official Website
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