Expedia and Hertz rental car charged me double

I have bad experience with both Expedia and Hertz rental car. I booked a rental car through Expedia.com and they charged me immediately including fees. When I arrived to get my rental car with Hertz, things appears to be smooth, but when I returned the car, and I didn't check the receipt until I got home, and they somehow charged me again even though I gave them my paperwork printed from Expedia.com website at Hertz rental car counter. I immediately contacted Expedia, and they said they will need Read more [...]

Got approved for AmazonBusiness account

On my previous blog entry in regard to AmazonBusiness account. Doesn't look like it take 2 to 3 business days for review and approval for AmazonBusiness account. I got approved in less than an hour. Now let see what I can do with it. I'm thinking of getting good discount on products to upgrade and keep my small business running, perhaps also on great deals for resell? probably not. Anyhow, it's faster than I've expected. Below are the email I got an hour later after requesting for AmazonBusiness.   Welcome Read more [...]

Applied for Amazon business account

I got an email from AmazonBusiness, asking me to review the benefit of being AmazonBusiness account holder. I reviewed it, and what caught my attention is the $49 order I can get 2 days shipping for free. So I went ahead and applied for it. The process pretty straight forward, although it will required your EIN (tax id#) for small business, so if you're not a business owner or doing business as, you probably don't know what it is, and you may not be qualified. I, myself, don't even know if I qualified, Read more [...]