Terrorist drove a van run over crowd of people killing and injured many

It happened again. Terrorist drove a van run over crowd of people killing and injured many. What is wrong with people these days? is the hatred that deep to kill innocent people woman and children? These crowd of people many are innocent old woman caring for children, they’re not your enemies, have they ever done anything to you?

Van plows into Barcelona Spain crowd

The number is “bound to rise” according to local officials.
Local Police have confirmed that the incident was a terror attack.
Incident took place near the Las Ramblas area, which is popular with tourists.
Police have told people to avoid the area.
Catalan emergency services have requested the closure of metro and train stations in the vicinity, according to Reuters.

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Watch out for Hertz Rental Car toll fees service charge from Platepass

It was a surprised to me when I got a bill for $30 from Platepass. I noticed it link to my rental car with Hertz in San Francisco Bay area.

I rented a Jeep for 4 days. I went to San Francisco Golden Gate Bridge once, and I noticed there wasn’t a toll person so I can pay the toll, but instead it appears to be automated somehow. The toll maybe $7 or less. However I got charged from Platepass for $30. What a ripped off huh?

Well apparently, Hertz partnership with Platepass and somewhere hidden on the rental agreement from Hertz they didn’t disclosed this information and I got ding for it, because I agreed to it with my signature somewhere. So be careful what you’re signing and be careful with Hertz, it’s not my first time have negative experience with Hertz rental car. Another time Hertz said the insurance I bought online for their car rental is useless and asking me to buy it directly from Hertz instead.

Platepass charged $5 per day, and it doesn’t matter if you use it or not, Toll that is. On top of that, the actual toll of $10 or whatever the amount you need to pay toll. So total up $30.

$30 is not much really, but the business strategy from Hertz and Platepass is a ripped off. How much money they making from people like me? a lot! there are many others.

Three rude white blonde girls mid 20s at SJC airport American Airline check in noon time

I don’t usually blog about other people behavior, unless it’s really necessary. In this case it is necessary.

I was in San Jose International Airport (SJC) on October 29th 2015 at right after noon time. I was checking in a luggage, and apparently it was 2lbs over weight and American Airline lady giving me a no mercy, I must take out 2lbs. Sadly my wife and 2 kids are far away to reach, I need my wife to check to see which item can be taken out and not. So I gave her a call and she’s on her way.

At the same time, all of a sudden these three blonde shows up in the back line and start complaining what’s taking so long? She asked the American Airline lady if she can check in while I’m waiting but apparently because she’s in the middle of checking in. The three blonde white girl started cussing and use profanity, seems like they’re in a hurry to check in. One of the blonde started to ask me what am I doing and who am I waiting for? I said nicely, “I’m waiting for my wife to come over to see what can be taking out of the luggage” I didn’t really look back and look at the three blonde face, I probably don’t want to, part of it because it’s my fault I’m causing the delay, but I was the first to check in at that counter anyways. No one else was in line.

So finally wife came over and got the 2 lbs off, it’s actually 50.5 lbs but I got let go anyways.

I started to walk slowly to the gate and I can see the three blonde walk up the escalator before me and they got to the line before me. Somehow one of the blonde started complaining about something to one of the TSA, and I ended up in front of them. There was another person just cut in front of me and I didn’t say anything, in fact I let the three blonde go before me anyways because they’re appear to be in a hurry, thought they’re late for their flight, and I was waiting for for my wife and kids anyways.

As we passed the security check point and we went to the Gate, sat down rest, and I decided to go get some water and food wife and kids, and there it is.

There is is, the three rude blonde in a hurry to? to? guess what? in a hurry to get drunk! that’s right, they’re at a bar chit chatting with the bar tender guy having a few drink as I can see, shot, and beer. You got to be kidding me? These three rude blonde in a hurry to get drunk at the bar.

I don’t have a problem with anyone, any races, any religion. However I just want to share my experience on this about these three white blonde girls. I wish I could have taken a picture of these three blonde and post them from start to finish.

Pope Francis was in the USA last week what have we learned?

I’m a catholic. I’ve been watching the Pope visit the US over the last few days, especially last couple of days, Saturday and Sunday where he’s in Philadelphia.

What have I learned personally?

  1. Pope Francis to me is all about unity, care for each others, everyone is included. This is easy to say than done. How do we do it? First I think through a lot of prayers where god will lend a hand. With faith that it can be done among all of us, I believe that can be done, it’s a like a chain reaction.
  2. Pope Francis mentioned being modest and humble. This to me makes lots of sense. In other word, we have the term “equality”, again easy said than done. However if each of us sees the need of others whom might be needed or want to be just like you, then lend them a hand to do so. Being modest, Pope Francis already set an example, with his Fiat car. Being humble, Pope Francis also set example, he does not ignore anyone, the sick, the handicap, the dirty, he will clean your feet and kiss it, and he’s the Pope will power as strong as the President of the US, but would the ever president kisses someone’s feet?
  3. The last thing I learned is, Pope Francis mentioned “what about you?” a very simple question, but not everyone have an easy straight forward answer. I’ve done good deed, help elder crosses the street, pay for a homeless man meal, “what about you?”

Overall, I think it was a successful visit. Pope Francis will be in Ireland for visit in 2018. Pope visited the US historical records: http://www.usccb.org/about/leadership/holy-see/francis/papal-visit-2015/history-papal-visits-to-united-states.cfm


How do I know for sure if my phone will work in other countries?

The short answer is, now a day most newer modern models of mobiles phone devices will work anywhere in the world if it’s unlocked.

The long answer is, if you want to know for sure, and you want to check it yourself instead of calling the provider and others. What you need to do is below which I found work for me. Taking the Amazon Fire Phone for example. Does Amazon Fire Phone Unlocked from USA work in Vietnam?

  1. Make sure the phone is unlocked. The best way to check is insert another sim from another provider, such as if you have AT&T, you can insert T-Mobile Sim from your friends or got one lying around, it does not need to be active sim. What we’re checking here is the Phone will show a different Provider, in this case T-Mobile should up with T-Mobile Sim etc.
  2. Check your Phone GSM network frequencies supported. Then check the Country you’re going to Mobile Network frequencies supported by whatever phone company in that country. Ensure the frequencies matches. For example the the Amazon Fire Phone support GSM bands 850, 900, 1800, 1900, and the country I’m traveling to is Vietnam and one of the mobile network there support 1800, then that is good enough.

So there you go, no need to contact your provider or the country mobile network phone provider, you can check it yourself 🙂 Works for me 🙂