Kraken latest notice “Action required: generate new deposit addresses before your next XBT or USDT deposit”

Kraken latest notice “Action required: generate new deposit addresses before your next XBT or USDT deposit”

From: Kraken
Sent: Thursday, October 26, 2017 2:05 PM
Subject: Action required: generate new deposit addresses before your next XBT or USDT deposit

Hi ,
Before making your next bitcoin (XBT) or tether (USDT) deposit you must create new deposit addresses. Please do this as soon as possible – as of October 30 deposits sent to old XBT or USDT addresses will be delayed and may be charged an extra service fee.
Why do I need new deposit addresses?
As part of an upgrade to our wallet infrastructure, we are phasing out our integration with BitGo. This is not in any way motivated by a concern over the quality of BitGo’s service. We are simply moving bitcoin (and tether) to an alternative system that provides similar security benefits with multi-party signing. Migrating bitcoin to the alternative wallet system will help make our infrastructure more unified and easier to manage. Please note that “BitGo Instant” withdrawals will no longer be supported as of October 30.
What if I send bitcoin (XBT) or tether (USDT) to an old deposit address?
Old XBT and USDT deposit addresses are set to expire on October 30
Before October 30 old addresses will work normally. After the addresses expire deposits will still be credited but will be delayed and may be charged an extra service fee as follows.
Expired XBT addresses starting with “1” – no service fee
Expired XBT addresses starting with “3” – 0.25% service fee
Expired USDT addresses – 0.25% service fee
Note that the service fees above apply only to deposits sent to the old XBT and USDT deposit addresses after they expire on October 30.
Do I need to generate new addresses for anything other than XBT and USDT?
No – only bitcoin (XBT) and tether (USDT) are affected by the upgrade.
How do I generate the new addresses?
The new addresses are generated in the usual way.
Log into your Kraken account
Navigate to Funding > Deposit > XBT (or USDT)
Click “Generate New Address”
Thank you for choosing Kraken, the trusted and secure digital assets exchange.
The Kraken Team

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Just a reminder to never click on a link from an email you get! equifax still don’t get it

Look like equifax just sent out another email, apology letter, and a link to the credit alert monitoring. This is still a bad idea, they should have mention to carefully check the url website or better yet, just type in the website such as and so on, instead of asking users reading the email to click on the link.

The problem is, with the email link, a hacker can send similar email and ask the user to click on it, and it will direct them to a hacker website which has exact copy of equifax trustedid site and now the users got their account compromised hacked.

Scam fraud fake domain pretend to be

Here’s the latest scam fraud stealing your ethereum coins wallet.
Notice the domain, the first letter you see “r” and if put close to the letter “n” to the naked eye you would probably think it’s legit but it’s not. The domain have wrong spelling of “rn” making you think it’s “m”

From: “”
Sent: Thursday, October 19, 2017 1:31 PM
Subject: New Transaction

You have a new transaction on your Ethereum Wallet

Login to check your balance account hacked

Yep, my account got hacked, but don’t care, I have nothing in there 🙂
Be careful folks, all your accounts got hacked, especially if you have crypto currencies coins.
Activate your 2FA, and never ever store your bitcoin ethereum cryptocurrencies anywhere except to your hardware wallet, ledger nano s most affordable, if not then store it to a cold offline paper wallet.

From: “”
Sent: Friday, October 13, 2017 9:05 PM
Subject: – Please authorize your login

This email was sent to because you have registered an account at If you have any questions or concerns about this email, please let us know at


Recently you tried to login to your account from a connection that is different from your previous connection so you need to authorize this request by clicking the link below.

Please click the link below only if you tried to login just now. If you did not try to login, it means that someone has access to your account details but they are unable to get into your account yet. You need to login to your account immediately and change your password and preferably enable 2FA.

Enabling 2FA in your account will allow you to login freely without having to authorize your request every time you use a different connection and will also help to keep your account more secure.

After you click the link below, you will be allowed to login to your account from a different connection for the next 15 minutes. Please try to login within 15 minutes after you click the link below.

In case you cannot click on the link above, copy the link below and paste it in your browser address bar and press Enter

The above link will only be valid for the next 2 hours.

This request was made from the IP

Apple store Your Invoice For Order Number INC-HK228232203 scam fraud

Here’s the newest phishing scheme scam fraud to steal your apple itune id account. Hacking your Apple store itune phone account.

From: Apple
Sent: Thursday, October 12, 2017 8:04 PM
Subject: Your Invoice For Order Number INC-HK228232203


Apple Store
11 October 2017

iTunes Store

iTunes Store Family Membership
1 Year | 11 October 2018
Write a Review
App Store
You can cancel this item by clicking CANCEL contained at the bottom of the letter .and follow instructions that we provide through this letter.

Subtotal $99.00
Tax $0.00



Free protection and monitor for your credit and identity

Well, better late than never I guess. After the Equifax incident, I didn’t get a chance to check to see if I was impacted til today, and I did a check through and look like I was among got impacted.

So I went ahead and signed up for the credit and identity monitor, it’s free and you will feel better knowing if anything changes from your credit profile or identity such as change in address or new credit card application and so on, you will get notified. I already have another identity protection still running, this will be additional, the more the better I guess.


Fake MyEtherWallet website The hackers are targeting crypto users

Are you getting similar email below? it’s a fake myetherwallet website. Notice the spelling of the website myetherwallet vs. myethlerwallet notice the the additional letter “l” *ethler* vs. *ether*, it’s a replica of the real website, so be careful. The hackers now a day are targetting crypto users, so chances are some of us still have cryptos on one of the online wallet website waiting to get hacked. So the best place to store all your cryptos is hardware wallet such as ledger nano s. If you hold more than $100 worth of cryptos at the moment, it’s best to store it on a hardware wallet. The fake website is a phishing website to steal your account to steal your ethereum coins.

fake myetherwallet website hacking your cryptos coins scam fraud phishing

fake myetherwallet website hacking your cryptos coins scam fraud phishing

From: “” <>
Sent: Tuesday, September 26, 2017 6:51 PM
Subject: Re:

Due to the increasing number of phishing attacks on MyEtherWallet website,
we decided to implement Multi-Factor Authentication for all Ethereum wallets.

You must activate the Multi-Factor Authentication through a simple 3-step process.
By doing so you will drastically reduce the incidence of having your funds stolen.

Visit the link below to activate the Multi-Factor Authentication on your Ethereum wallet:

Please be aware that you will not be able to access your Ethereum wallet anymore
on MyEtherWallet without activating the Multi-Factor Authentication.

We are taking this measures to protect both you and our network from phishing and malicious attacks.

Thank you for your cooperation and understanding.
MyEtherWallet, LLC”.

You will get hacked forever if you have cryptos currencies bitcoin account somewhere

I’ve been receiving this message forever, and similar websites I signed up to also getting something similar. Someone, hackers whoever got a hold of my login name and password. Luckily these are all empty account, but still better to be safe than sorry. If you no longer use the account, then delete it or turn on 2FA, like google authenticator or Yubi key, or text sms code …

bitcoin account getting hacked? turn on your 2fa

bitcoin account getting hacked? turn on your 2fa

From: HashNest
Sent: Tuesday, September 26, 2017 5:46 AM
Subject: Remote Login reminder


At 2017-09-25T17:48:56.184+00:00 your account was from an unkown IP address.The details are listed below:
Action Type: Web login
Browser: Chrome
Platform: windows
IP Adress:
Location: Czech Republic; -; –
If this is not your own operation, please contact us via this link.

Thanks for your support!

– The Team at HashNest

Lookup people names public records for free

Lookup people names public records for free? yes, it is possible you can look at people’s record based on their name to get detail such as address, age, locations including previous cities the person used to live or was using the address for whatever reason. The website is

Yes, remember the old days many years ago, back in the 90s or 80s and prior, there used to a yellow page (business) and whitepage book? This is the digital version of the white page book that people’s name and their phone # and their address, locations, in addition with age and previous cities locations the person used to have their records recorded.

I look up my name and my wife’s name and other people I know and it show up correctly. However there are similar one showing up also. There’s also a premium record to purchase if you want to know more about the person.

I think the free version is good enough for me, just being curious on what information is out there in public about my name and where I live and so on. I’m not surprise however the premium service record might have full detail about you, I guess not so much private or confidential information about you anymore if someone really want to know more about you.
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Could terrorist attack be prevented at Ariana Grande concert in Manchester?

ariana grande concert terrorist attack could have been prevented

ariana grande concert terrorist attack could have been prevented

First of all, my heart goes out to all the victims and their families at Ariana Grande concert Manchester. These victims are mostly in the youth and children. I have kids of my own and I know how it’s like with your children around you daily and I can’t imagine not having them around you the next day. Rest in peace all the victims.

Now back to the question, could the attack be prevented? I think so yes. I believe their are enough security people there should have done a thorough search of everyone and I mean everyone, even the security officers people their themselves. I also believe that there a ton of security cameras to monitors activities of everyone, especially the suspicious one. Last and not least, I think it’s time to implement background check of everyone going to a concert, not just concert but maybe all events that have more than 1000 people.

I strongly believe that the world should focus more on tracking down terrorist people or study their activities this would include children to adult, in school, at home, anywhere… when you see anyone is suspicious or at risk of being a terrorist report to the terrorist hotline. To be funny a bit, government in the USA and around the world, stop picking on legitimate Bitcoin cryptos currencies users and allocate more effort, as priority, to track down terrorist at risk people and prevent such occurrences from happening again.