How to fix Shock Wave Flash crashed unresponsive when using Koinme?

How to fix Shock Wave Flash crashed unresponsive when using Koinme?

Short answer: If you’re using Chrome Browser and getting this error message then it’s probably your profile is corrupted. Just clear everything and I mean everything including your user name password data and retry. Better yet, just login to your computer as guest or a different user then it should work. This is if you’ve already tried all the check such as latest flash shockwave update and allow flash to run.

I came across this same problem when using Koinme to earn a buck or so a day doing nothing, but lately it been crashing shockwave un-responsive or plugins unresponsive and so on. I tried almost everything I could try out there on the internet, I was about to reimage reformat the computer, but luckily I tried the guest account and it work awesomely, so if it crashed again, just simply logout or reboot your computer and login as guest account again. BTW I’m using a chrome book I bought from ebay for $15 🙂

how to fix koinme website crashed plugins page unresponsive shockwave flash

how to fix koinme website crashed plugins page unresponsive shockwave flash

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What will happen to Bitcoin Cash BCC BCH?

I have some Bitcoin (BTC) and right after the Bitcoin Split or Forked indeed I have the same amount quantity of Bitcoin Cash as Bitcoin. So basically if I have 2BTC, now I have 2Bitcoin Cash as well. Currently there are two ticker for Bitcoin Cash, some exchange use BCC as Bitcoin Cash but some use BCH as Bitcoin Cash depend on where you want to exchange your Bitcoin Cash.

I have a ledger HW not a ledger nano S by the way. Basically an old ledger Bitcoin wallet, the one with the ID card with a bunch of code on it. The steps pretty straight forward refer to Ledger website support, they have great support. Basically I didn’t cash my Bitcoin Cash, I split it into two separate wallet. Luckily for free, since I bought the Ledger HW Duo or Dual, basically it came with two hardware key and now I’m using it as two separate wallet, one Bitcoin (BTC) and the other Bitcoin Cash (BCC BCH). Now I feel confident to move Bitcoin and Bitcoin Cash anytime without worrying about loosing it.

So the question is, what will happen to Bitcoin Cash? to be honest, I don’t know the answer but most likely it will be similar to Ethereum Classic. The price start high as we’ve already seen with Bitcoin Cash as much as close to $700 then dropped to $200 as people start dumping it, then it got stable at $200-$300, but chances are it might go down further as more exchange allow users to withdraw their Bitcoin Cash and most likely those users will sell dump it to Bitcoin BTC and the price of Bitcoin Cash will continue to fall. Poloniex said they will allow their users to withdraw on August 14th 2017, Coinbase said January of 2018, and many other exchange are doing similar things which most likely will push Bitcoin cash continue to fall.

However I’m hoping that the community realize the reason for the split and which fork will most likely can support Bitcoin growth. “A group of miners ‘forked’ from the main bitcoin blockchain by switching to a new version of software with greater transaction capacity.” Bitcoin Cash is the new version of the Bitcoin software, it supposed to fix some issue Bitcoin have, so I wonder why people don’t look at the potential of Bitcoin Cash? If the community already voted to move Bitcoin Cash, why Bitcoin still going up? shouldn’t Bitcoin Cash be the one going up?
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Free Bitcoin 50 tokens?

Get your free bitcoin here

This is something new and we have nothing to loose, just give it a try. As far as I know after doing few research on google, reddit and bitcointalk sounds too good to be true as 50 tokens have a value of $80 at the moment. You get 50 tokens just for signing up. It’s free money, nothing to loose.

However you cannot withdraw the coins at the moment, but the message indicate you can withdraw to your waves wallet once ICO ended and I have no idea when it start or end.

free bitcoin for just signing up

free bitcoin for just signing up

Is beermoney passive income on mobile phones still worth it?

Short answer: NO, don’t waste your time.

I have a perk farm, checkpoints farm, swagbucks farm, earnhoney farm. All mobile phones devices with quad core cpu 1gb ram optimized, good wifi internet connection and since the beginning of this year 2017, earning dropped dramatically. What’s the reason? After doing many research, mostly on Reddit, the answer involve with a few factors: Too many users abusing the network ads, meaning too many users watching passively with massive farm phones consequently split up the ads payout to less and less. Massive phones farm also caused network hic-up bottle neck bandwidth issue basically. Server issue also when too many users connecting to it.

Basically to me, it’s no longer worth to invest any money until less phones are connected to the network. Sometime even if you can connect to the network of beermoney passive income, you will get error now and then spinning circle or your phone crashed. No, it’s not because of your wifi internet as many users think, and no it’s not because of your phones clearing cache and stuff like that either. You may have seen youtube videos and some blog advertise how good beermoney passive income site are and so on, but guess what? those videos have advertisements, in other word to make money making those videos.

Last but not least, look at the mobile phones farm for online passive income abused by chinese people below.

chinese abusing beermoney online passive income with over 10 thousand phones

chinese abusing beermoney online passive income with over 10 thousand phones

Ethereum ETH mining pool ethpool or nanopool?

Short answer is, it’s the same, except one pay you twice a day and one pay you when it’s time.

I started mining Ethereum (ETH) virtual currency coins just a few days ago, five days to be exact. I did some research on it, and trying to find out which pool to mine. I have two 7970 GPU at the moment. One I mine at and one at Both appears to have the same interface layout, website. using win7 64bit 4GB RAM and mine with qtminer.exe, mining at 20mh/s yield about 1ETH a day. However I didn’t get paid until five days later. It’s the way the pool is setup, you need to get credit, the longer you stay in the pool will determine when you will get pay., using win 7 64bit 4GM RAM and mine with etherminer.exe, mining at 26mh/s, according to the status, I don’t know why it’s higher comparing with qtminer at However the payment is almost the same, except it’s twice a day 🙂

Conclusion, I don’t think it’s matter, maybe might pay a little bit higher but took 5 days, while pay twice a day and probably a little bit less, I don’t know. It doesn’t matter which, both pool can be trusted, but one thing is got a lot less people mining on it. appears to have about 40-50% of the whole ethereum mining network.

Is eBay really protecting the seller?

I sold an Amazon gift card on Friday 11/6 and on 11/7 I got a Paypal case opened against me because the buyer said it was an unauthorized transaction.

Paypal immediately took the money out of my account and placed it on hold, meaning I don’t have that money anymore, already taken out of my account and giving it back to the buyer. That is sad. I already shipped the Amazon gift card.

But! guess what? 🙂 that Amazon gift card is actually a paper gift cards and I kept the codes on records, meaning I still have the code. I can trace to see if the buyer will use it and perhaps on which account. Furthermore I can be creative and maybe cancel those gift codes by spending it onto my own amazon account. So this is a lesson learn I would to share to others, ensure you keep records.

I’m not sure what really happen in this case, did the buyer really a victim of a paypal account being hacked? or is it just another scammer trying to get a free gift card? the value is small, not that big to go through the process of being investigated.

Anyhow, I’ve already shipped that Gift Cards and it’s in-transit to be delivered on Monday 11/9. I already submitted my respond to Paypal that I have proof that I shipped, and I use eBay integrated shipping, the whole process done in eBay system. Let see what kind of protection will I have. Stay tuned. is a new Bitcoin buying Scam?

I have come across many blog post talking about the press release by miners center ( website indicating it’s a scam for buying 10% higher than what bitcoin merchant or exchange are buying/selling. Most of the blogs researched and tested the transaction said that it’s a scam. They tested with 0.2 Bitcoin, sent the 0.2 Bitcoin and got paid via paypal, but realized the paypal payment was from a hacked account.

I have been monitoring the Bitcoin news and over the past few days, Bitcoin news posted a a site name offering 10% higher price buying Bitcoin. The news in regard to was a press release article on the reason for offering 10% higer than current price of Bitcoin. It’s a Press Released article to make it more realistic steering away from being a noticeable scam.

A closer look at the website. The website is not professionally made and it’s pretty much similar to those pyramid scam scheme or so call high yield investment program, and a lot of blog that talks about Bitcoin indicated that is the previous scam of btp flap operating the same way.

I have not tried either one, but I’ve been in bad situation with Paypal when and Bank Transfer with Bitcoin. Basically if I sell Bitcoin via Paypal, the buyer can say that they never received the item, and the buyer always win because Paypal don’t do business virtual item like Bitcoin, definitely a NO NO Bitcoin with paypal, the buyer will always get their money back no matter what proof you have paypal will always side with the buyer because you’re selling Bitcoin and Paypal do not allow selling of Bitcoin.

For Bank Transfer, some bank will not allow reversal of Bank Transfer, no matter what. Once someone transfer you the money via Bank Transfer, it’s a one way transfer. However now a day, many bank does look into special cases and they will reverse the bank transfer, such as scam activities. So don’t think that receive the money via bank transfer and it will not get reverse, it can, and it will.

I have experience with HYIP (high yield investment programs) and most of the time the scammer win. Some investors win, but to loose again on some other one.

Swagbucks android phones users cannot connect to any of Swagbucks Apps

*** updated 10/15/2015 – swagbucks aware of the issue, it’s due to apps versions on android, Swagbucks provided solution

There has been reports of many users not able to connect to Swagbucks network servers to run their Swagbucks apps such as SBTV Entertainment and so on. The Swagbucks connectivity issues has been going on for the last two weeks, it’s not just recently, and up til now many users still not able to connect.

According to reddit swagbucks community users still reporting not able to connect. Users had tried the following.

  • Swagbucks Android Apps users.
    • Go to Manage Apps and Force App to stop, then clear Cache, then clear Data, then re-login
    • Uninstall the App then reinstall the App.
    • Reboot Wifi Router.
    • The last thing many people shouldn’t be doing is to renew the IP address by doing dns flush or something to their router. This wouldn’t work anyways for those that have static IP.

There isn’t much the users can do after the above. User can try to contact Swagbucks support, posting on facebook will probably get your post deleted or not going through anyways.

So what really happened to Swagbucks? Some people said that in the past, Swagbucks did this because of the volume of users were beyond capacity server can handle. It fixes itself once people started to drop off Swagbucks, meaning the many users loss faith and never go back, making room for those that had the patient stayed behind to try again later.


Just got $25 cashback from fatwallet

Just got another $25 cashback from fatwallet. I’ve been using fatwallet to redirect me to many online retail store website to buy stuff, everything basically. So I get cashback for Fatwallet, and another cashback on my credit card, and if you’re lucky you get more cashback from your favorite store membership, it’s a win win situation 🙂

I know $25 isn’t much, but it just replaced my broken GPS and Dashcam which had just been robbed earlier today. The funny thing is the thieve(s) left something in my car that is as valuable, because he/she probably forgot about it while trying to get away. The thieve(s) must have been happy to get into my car because it was unlock, all other cars in the neighborhood probably locked, just mine isn’t 🙂 I welcome all thieve(s) to my car, because I got nothing 🙂