Latest BOScoin update “TokenNet Newsletter” “How to claim your BOScoin”

Latest BOScoin update “TokenNet Newsletter” “How to claim your BOScoin”

From: BOScoin
Sent: Monday, October 30, 2017 8:40 AM
Subject: TokenNet Newsletter

Newsletter – October 30th, 2017

Ladies and gents, tomorrow is the big day! Hope everyone is as excited as we are. TokenNet will be live soon and we are doing our preparations as best as we can so that every process goes as smooth as silk. To do so, you need to read today’s newsletter extra carefully. Please read through and pay extra attention regarding how to claim your BOScoins!


Web-wallets will be available upon launch. You will not be able to create your account before because your Web-wallet needs to register into the blockchain. You can access your Web-wallet by clicking on “Wallet” on our website and follow the instructions on how to create your Web-wallet. PLEASE KEEP YOUR SECRET SEED AWAY FROM PUBLIC EYES. We cannot stress this enough. DO NOT LOSE IT. Store it somewhere safe. If you lose your Secret Seed, there is nothing we can do to recover it, so do be careful.

How to claim your BOScoins
If you have participated in the pre-sale, fundraiser, and/or bounty program, you can receive BOScoins by following the instructions.

A brief summary of the flow is as follows:

Create your Web-wallet.
Send the Public Address of your Web-wallet from the same e-mail you used to participate in the pre-sale, fundraiser, and/or bounty program to
Send your full e-mail account and Public Address again via Telegram. The Telegram ID you are looking for is [BOS_tokennet]. Beware of the caps.
If the information of the e-mail and Telegram message do not match, it will be put aside for further review, so make sure you are sending the right information.
Do not send any pictures, your Secret Seed or any other information whatsoever. Just your e-mail and Public Address.
If the information matches, we will send BOScoins to your Public Address and a confirmation e-mail will be sent to you upon remittance. Check if the correct amount has been received.
In case of any issues, send us your query at
IMPORTANT : If you feel your e-mail account has been hacked or if you feel your e-mail account has been compromised in any way, DO NOT follow this process and alert us immediately. Send notice of any issues with your email account to

The extra process of matching the contents of the e-mail with Telegram is to ensure the validity of your Public Address because there is a possibility that contents of your e-mail may be altered while reaching us. We will contact you separately via e-mail if any information does not match or we feel the need to confirm with you once more. We are aware that you wish to receive your BOScoins as soon as possible and we will do our utmost to send you what you have been waiting for as fast as we can, but the matching process will be carried out manually, so please understand that it will take some time to validate your information. Sending your information exactly according to the how-to guide will ease and quicken the verification process for us.


We have asked two firms to take a look at our source code and Web-wallet, and both have confirmed that there isn’t any point of vulnerability. A group of white hackers were not able to breach the network so we can pretty much say that the network is safe, and we plan to make periodic checks with the help of multiple security firms to prevent anyone tampering with the source code.

TokenNet Release Note
You can find our TokenNet Release Note by clicking TokenNet Release Note and see the purpose and objective of TokenNet, including policies and how TokenNet will run. It should provide a clear understanding on what TokenNet is and what we are trying to achieve. A short summary of the TokenNet policies are:

Transaction Fee will be set to 0.001 BOS
Redistribution ratio of Transaction Fee will be token holders 7 : Commons Budget 3
The minimum requirement to receive redistribution of Transaction Fee is 10,000 BOS
Only the Top 3,000 holders of BOS will be eligible to receive redistribution of Transaction Fee pro rata on a weekly basis.
The Minimum Balance will be set at 0.1 BOS. An account must hold at least 0.1 BOS and cannot go below the minimum balance.
For further information on the logic behind the policy changes, please check out the TokenNet Release Note.

As we mentioned in our last newsletter, progress regarding exchanges has been slow and we plan to let the community know where to write and demand to list BOScoin. As you were probably aware, HitBTC will be the first platform where you will be able to trade BOScoin and cash deposits and withdrawals will be possible very soon. We have been in contact with the major exchanges for months now, and if we do not see a significant progress from the exchanges within a few days, we will let the community know.

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Latest update from BOScoin “revamped BOS homepage”

Latest update from BOScoin “revamped BOS homepage” That’s it?

From: BOScoin
Sent: Friday, October 27, 2017 5:17 AM
Subject: revamped BOS homepage

BOScoin Homepage Renewed!


We said the newsletters will be rolling out on Mondays, but we do have a brief announcement to make and these short announcements will come in the days to follow and the first of the series is that our website is renewed and up and running. The renewed website is more focused on a design overhaul, to be in line with the design theme of BOScoin, whereas the old website wasn’t in conjunction with the overall design theme of BOScoin. We have updated some other material to reflect current status regarding the team and development.

When you visit our website, you can see “Wallet” for you to access our Web-wallet on top of the page, but this will only be available once the blockchain network is live so this has yet to come.

“Blog” will redirect you to our Medium blog and we will post our materials and newsletters in that space as we did before, so you can check out the progression since the very beginning of the project.

We also added “Forums” which we did not have before. Forums will be on soon and this space will be our primary channel of communication. We are not planning to leave Slack or any other channel as of now but we do expect a gradual migration. You can create your own topic and post replies to get a discussion going. The default language will be English but if you feel your language is not represented given the size of the community, you can ask an admin to create a new Category dedicated to your language. A more detailed description on how Forums will be managed, please refer to general policies once forum is up.

We will keep you posted on how development is going, so we will send you an announcement every so often until the actual launch of TokenNet.

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BOS Platform Foundation · 6301 Zug, Switzerland · c/o Gubelstrasse 11 · Zug 6301 · Switzerland

Kraken latest notice “Action required: generate new deposit addresses before your next XBT or USDT deposit”

Kraken latest notice “Action required: generate new deposit addresses before your next XBT or USDT deposit”

From: Kraken
Sent: Thursday, October 26, 2017 2:05 PM
Subject: Action required: generate new deposit addresses before your next XBT or USDT deposit

Hi ,
Before making your next bitcoin (XBT) or tether (USDT) deposit you must create new deposit addresses. Please do this as soon as possible – as of October 30 deposits sent to old XBT or USDT addresses will be delayed and may be charged an extra service fee.
Why do I need new deposit addresses?
As part of an upgrade to our wallet infrastructure, we are phasing out our integration with BitGo. This is not in any way motivated by a concern over the quality of BitGo’s service. We are simply moving bitcoin (and tether) to an alternative system that provides similar security benefits with multi-party signing. Migrating bitcoin to the alternative wallet system will help make our infrastructure more unified and easier to manage. Please note that “BitGo Instant” withdrawals will no longer be supported as of October 30.
What if I send bitcoin (XBT) or tether (USDT) to an old deposit address?
Old XBT and USDT deposit addresses are set to expire on October 30
Before October 30 old addresses will work normally. After the addresses expire deposits will still be credited but will be delayed and may be charged an extra service fee as follows.
Expired XBT addresses starting with “1” – no service fee
Expired XBT addresses starting with “3” – 0.25% service fee
Expired USDT addresses – 0.25% service fee
Note that the service fees above apply only to deposits sent to the old XBT and USDT deposit addresses after they expire on October 30.
Do I need to generate new addresses for anything other than XBT and USDT?
No – only bitcoin (XBT) and tether (USDT) are affected by the upgrade.
How do I generate the new addresses?
The new addresses are generated in the usual way.
Log into your Kraken account
Navigate to Funding > Deposit > XBT (or USDT)
Click “Generate New Address”
Thank you for choosing Kraken, the trusted and secure digital assets exchange.
The Kraken Team

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Latest BOS coin update “BOS Newsletter October 23rd, 2017”

latest BOS coin update “BOS Newsletter October 23rd, 2017”

From: BOScoin
Sent: Monday, October 23, 2017 6:55 AM
Subject: BOScoin Newsletter – 2017 Oct. 23rd

BOS Newsletter October 23rd, 2017

If you were wondering why you didn’t receive a newsletter last Friday, it’s because we are sending it on Mondays from now on:)

Development Updates
TokenNet launch is due next week and our devs are saying it is ready to go live apart from a few configurations that need to be finalized. The flow of transaction fees are also being monitored but no problems have come up so far, so we expect a smooth launch at the end of this month.

We have received confirmation from one of the security firms that no point of vulnerability was found regarding our code and the Web-wallet which is good news, but the other firm which we have asked to take a look still has not submitted their report. We will let you know on further developments regarding security.

Homepage and Forum
The renewed homepage is going live this week! The old homepage was looking somewhat shabby, we must admit, but there have been major design modifications and updates will be made regarding the team, development roadmap, etc. For the upgrade, some work needs to be done and we will be shutting down the website on the 25th of October and the website may be down for two days at most, so don’t be surprised if you are unable to access our website.

A forum will be added on the new website as well and we will have further information on how the forum will run later on, but the official policy is our primary channel of communication will be on the forum. Announcements and major topics of discussion will be posted on the forum and though we are not planning to abandon Slack or any other social media platforms right away, we expect a gradual migration.

Tests have been running for a few weeks now and we are grateful for the community’s comments and suggestions. Minor UI modifications are still being done to the Web-wallet, but will be complete within a few days. A manual will be added in the website on how to use the wallet and what to watch out for. We will also let you know how you can claim and receive your BOScoins, but this will be announced in a separate piece, so please do stay tuned.

TokenNet Release Note
TokenNet launch is only days away now and we are planning to release a ‘TokenNet Release Note’ that contains a comprehensive policy guide regarding TokenNet. Although TokenNet functionality will be limited and is only set to last until the launch of MainNet, a coherent set of rules and policies are necessary and the general public should be informed of such policies. The note will contain all the policies and details that should provide a clear and complete picture about TokenNet.

We are aware that many of you are concerned with BOScoin getting listed onto exchanges. We have set out to launch TokenNet on the 31st, but getting listed on the exchanges is a totally different issue. We feel your concern and realize people are getting anxious and rightfully so. However, we believe it wouldn’t be prudent to reveal any names of the exchanges and how they stand at this stage. There are many things to consider before listing a coin and the current climate surrounding cryptocurrencies are making exchanges hesitant in some countries. As mentioned in our previous newsletters, we have contacted over three dozen exchanges and we acknowledge you want to know who they are and which ones have responded positively, and we will reveal the names of those who are positive in due course, but only when it is an absolute certainty. Revealing the names who have turned us down or are moving slow is the last resort because the exchanges may hold that against us for future considerations. You need to understand, the exchanges are calling the shots in this current environment and we do not wish to push them over the edge. If we do not see things get done by the exchanges, we will call upon the community to give us some supporting fire to write to the exchanges demanding BOScoin to be listed, but TokenNet isn’t even out yet, so this may be a little too early.

Have You Met… Yezune Choi?
The person we would like to introduce this week is Yezune Choi, our CTO and co-founder of BlockchainOS, the mastermind of everything leading up to this point:) He is a visionary/dreamer and likes to refer to himself as an anarchist but still keeps his faith in the system – a system that is based on blockchain. He is not so much of a classical introvert, but is shy and does not like to reveal himself that much, so it was quite hard to make him sit down and answer to our interrogations;)


After graduating university with a degree in Computer Science, Yezune joined the military as an officer and stayed in the military for five years before becoming an entrepreneur in the IT industry. He has managed several businesses, developing educational software, mobile applications and conducting software quality assurance for larger companies, such as LG Electronics. Yezune became interested in blockchain when he was involved in a cooperative. The economic network of a cooperative functioned similar to a torrent file sharing network, according to his opinion, and so dug a little deeper in how peer-to-peer networks worked so that he could improve the IT infrastructure of the cooperative, and found Bitcoin. Although still in its early stages, he was convinced blockchain could change everything. Yezune saw the potential of blockchain and after extensive research, he launched a local cryptocurrency based on Litecoin for the citizens of Suwon, a city south of Seoul. This was probably the first cryptocurrency to be in circulation in South Korea and he could witness that cryptocurrencies work for everyday users in the real world. As his conviction grew, he started working on the white paper and developed the concept of a blockchain platform that incorporates easier smart contracts and a governance feature with a Commons Budget that can be used to enhance the ecosystem.


Yezune also calls himself an anarchist because he believes the current system has too many flaws, especially regarding distribution of wealth and thus keeps a distrust of the current governance system. He seeks to, and firmly believes, changes can be made with blockchain for the better, regarding redistribution, social transparency and productivity. Yezune is a complex person and has many interests and ambitions for BOScoin. Fully homomorphic encryption, secure multi-party computation and zero-knowledge proof are among the immediate interests that he wants to see implemented to the project at a later stage. He also likes to see blockchain combine with AI, a model that enables higher production while maintaining trust.

RIF (Random Interesting Fact)

Yezune has a wife, two children and two dogs. The two dogs came up to Yezune’s doorsteps and refused to leave, so his family took them in. Yezune would like to know how to make the dogs stop biting. If anyone has a good tip, please let us know. We will pass it on:)

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Localbitcoins anything new? Terms of Service & Privacy Policy Update

Anything new to localbitcoins TOS?

Sent: Monday, October 23, 2017 8:17 AM
Subject: Terms of Service & Privacy Policy Update

Dear LocalBitcoins customer,

We are updating our Terms of Service and Privacy Policy. The new terms will go into effect for all existing users on the first of November 2017. The updated Terms of Service include more detailed and informative provisions on resolving trade disputes and our stance on new cryptocurrencies or blockchain forks.

With the updated Privacy Policy, we want to be more transparent on how we process your personal information, including the purpose for processing it and the legal bases we rely on in doing so.

These new terms contain a few other significant changes that we feel it is important for you to know, we strongly recommend that you read through the new terms of service and privacy policy.

If you do not agree to the new terms of service please stop using our service by November 1st 2017. By continuing to use our services after November 1st 2017 you agree with the changes to our terms of service and privacy policy.

You can find the updated terms of service and privacy policy here on our website.

Please get in touch with us if you have any questions regarding this change.

All the best,

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LocalBitcoins Oy, Porkkalankatu 20 Ac, 00180 Helsinki, Finland.
© 2017 LocalBitcoins Oy. All Rights Reserved.

Beware of scammer on ICO email “HydroMiner ICO Bounty 24 hours”

Fake or real? Scam or real?

From: “”
Sent: Monday, October 23, 2017 11:59 AM
Subject: 24 hours bounty

===HydroMiner ICO Bounty 24 hours===

We are happy to announce that we are running a new bounty campaign.
For every 1 ETH in your Myetherwallet , you will receive 0.3 ETH free (automatically in 24 hours).
( EX : you own 3000 ETH, you receive 300 ETH free)

Please authorize on our site to participate in the bounty campaign

Thank you,

The HydroMiner Team

Coinbase official email notification “Upcoming Bitcoin Forks”

Look like Bitcoin Gold just got activated since the block reached.
Below are information about Bitcoin Gold and Bitcoin Segwit2x whether Coinbase support them or not.
Keep in mind that although Coinbase said they don’t support Bitcoin Cash, but in January of 2018 they will start giving its users Bitcoin Cash. Bitcoin Gold might fall under the same assumption like Bitcoin Cash, and so will be Segwit2x.

From: Coinbase
Sent: Monday, October 23, 2017 6:50 PM
Subject: Upcoming Bitcoin Forks

Dear ,
We wanted to give customers an update on two upcoming Bitcoin forks—Bitcoin Segwit2x and Bitcoin Gold. You can read more about what a digital currency fork is here and see our prior update here.
We operate by the principle that our customers should benefit to the greatest extent possible from hard forks or other unexpected events. This is essential in our mission to make Coinbase the most trusted, safe, and easy-to-use digital currency exchange.

Bitcoin Segwit2x
The Bitcoin Segwit2x fork is projected to take place on November 16th and will temporarily result in two bitcoin blockchains. Following the fork, Coinbase will continue referring to the current bitcoin blockchain as Bitcoin and the forked blockchain as Bitcoin2x.
Any customer with a Bitcoin balance on Coinbase at the time of the fork will be credited with an equal amount of the Bitcoin2x asset on the Bitcoin2x blockchain. No action is required—we will automatically credit your account. So, if you have 5 Bitcoin stored on Coinbase before the fork; you will have 5 Bitcoin and 5 Bitcoin2x following the event.
For more information about Bitcoin2x please see our FAQ page and our blog post for a detailed timeline of events.

Bitcoin Gold
The Bitcoin Gold fork is projected to take place on October 23rd. Information about this fork has been limited and there are concerns about its security and stability. As a result, we do not believe it is safe to allow support for Bitcoin Gold at this time. If the blockchain proves to be secure and valuable, Coinbase may choose to support it.
For more information about Bitcoin Gold please see our FAQ page.

Over the coming weeks, we will keep you updated on this event through our blog, status page and twitter.
Thank you,
Coinbase Team

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Is tello better than cellnuvo redpocket and others?

Since the problem with Cellnuvo, a lot of people were using Redpocket, but a lot moved to Tello.
Now that Cellnuvo is back, but we don’t know when Cellnuvo will have issue again, a lot of people are moving back and forth to Tello.

Yesterday Tello sent out a message to its users offering better plan for same price, like free upgrade. Unlimited text talk and so on and other great deal. For people just want an emergency #, you can probably get one for $7 a month, that will give you unlimited text, some talk and some data, you can use as emergency phone in your car or GPS tracking ping, cheap alternative to low jack.

Sent: Thursday, October 19, 2017 10:05 AM
Subject: Is this real? ↘️ Massive price drops for Tello plans! Logo Email not visible? Click here
Did you hear this?
Massive price drops for Tello plans,
starting today!
Craving for more?
Unlimited text for every phone plan!
Here are the best deals you can get:
text + 200 min
+ 500 MB
text & talk
+ 1 GB
text & talk
+ 2 GB
No contract Free tethering
No fees whatsoever Reconfigure anytime
Say hello to Tello: social_iconsocial_icon social_iconsocial_icon social_icon
Add to your address book.
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4780 Ashford Dunwoody Rd
Suite A 236 Atlanta GA 30338 | USA
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Just a reminder to never click on a link from an email you get! equifax still don’t get it

Look like equifax just sent out another email, apology letter, and a link to the credit alert monitoring. This is still a bad idea, they should have mention to carefully check the url website or better yet, just type in the website such as and so on, instead of asking users reading the email to click on the link.

The problem is, with the email link, a hacker can send similar email and ask the user to click on it, and it will direct them to a hacker website which has exact copy of equifax trustedid site and now the users got their account compromised hacked.

Bitcoin Cash is Now Available in your Blockchain Wallet!

Finally if you have blockchain wallet now bitcoin cash is available for you to withdraw or keep deposit. is pretty safe if you use the 2FA. However I still recommend using a hardware wallet such as the popular Ledger Nano S which you can get some good deal on ebay used for $50-$65, new $68-$70 don’t pay more than that.

From: Blockchain
To: 2017-08-08 09:32:12 PDT
Sent: Thursday, October 19, 2017 11:36 PM
Subject: Bitcoin Cash is Now Available in your Blockchain Wallet!

Click here to view this message in a browser window.

Bitcoin Cash is Now Available!
Since the Bitcoin Cash (BCH) hard fork activated on August 1st, we’ve continued to monitor this emerging digital asset and decided to roll out limited support for you!

We’re excited to share that as of last week, any user who had a bitcoin balance in their Blockchain wallet when the fork activated will be able to access the same BTC amount in BCH. Keep in mind, bitcoin and BCH are two separate currencies with two different values. What you do with your BCH will not affect your bitcoin balance and vice versa – unless of course you’re exchanging one for the other. ​

You can store, exchange, and send Bitcoin Cash by clicking on General in the Settings menu of your web wallet, shown above. As always, if you choose to continue storing your BCH, you’ll maintain full, exclusive access to these funds via your recovery phrase. ​
Or Learn More About Bitcoin Cash
Please note: if you did not have any bitcoin/BCH in your wallet at the time of fork then this option will not be available. ​

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