Ethereum ETH virtual currency coin drop like a rock!

Started yesterday November 25th 2015, Ethereum ETH virtual currency coin drop like a rock from *30 to *25. However a few hours after that, it gained a little bit back. Doesn’t look like it will gain much momentum to continue its up trend.

I am mining ETH with my GPUs, am I worrying? Absolutely NOT! because it’s winter time, and I need heater to heat up my house. The power consumption is the same amount of power I would be paying if I have a heater on, and I need the heater on 24 hours to keep the house warm, so nope, not at all I’m worrying. However it would be nice to see the price of ETH go up! 🙂 it’s a plus.

In addition, I don’t pay any extra money at all for those ETH mining rig because it was left over hardware that I still have after altcoin mining went sour, but I already paid off those GPU 🙂 also sold some on ebay, only kept a few good one which is currently being use at the moment to mine ETH 🙂 it’s the only coin that might be profitable in the future and might not be considered as altcoin or scam coins.

ETH Ethereum virtual currency coin crashed

ETH Ethereum virtual currency coin crashed closing down multipool mining and removal of altcoins

Not just, but I think many others multipools and others Exchange will be closing down alt coins that are consider as scam.

Bitcoin is the only coins that can really be trusted, it’s like the USD and EURO currency. Second to Bitcoin is Litecoin (LTC) and third probably Dogecoin. and announced today it suspend altcoins and multipools, see message below.


Altcoins Removal and
Multipool Suspension

Dear user,
Please mind that as of 1 Dec, 2015, DVC and IXC mining on GHash.IO pool will be stopped. GHash.IO multipool will be suspended as well.
Hence, the following altcoins will be removed from CEX.IO exchange: IXC, DVC, POT, ANC, MEC, WDC, FTC, DGB, USDE, MYR, AUR.
Thus, we kindly ask you to either withdraw altcoin funds to your personal wallets, or exchange them into Bitcoins before 15 Dec 2015, when all orders in order books that contain above mentioned altcoins will be cancelled.
Please note that BTC, NMC, LTC, DOGE, and DRK mining will not be affected.
Detailed information is available on CEX.IO forum.

Ethereum ETH mining pool ethpool or nanopool?

Short answer is, it’s the same, except one pay you twice a day and one pay you when it’s time.

I started mining Ethereum (ETH) virtual currency coins just a few days ago, five days to be exact. I did some research on it, and trying to find out which pool to mine. I have two 7970 GPU at the moment. One I mine at and one at Both appears to have the same interface layout, website. using win7 64bit 4GB RAM and mine with qtminer.exe, mining at 20mh/s yield about 1ETH a day. However I didn’t get paid until five days later. It’s the way the pool is setup, you need to get credit, the longer you stay in the pool will determine when you will get pay., using win 7 64bit 4GM RAM and mine with etherminer.exe, mining at 26mh/s, according to the status, I don’t know why it’s higher comparing with qtminer at However the payment is almost the same, except it’s twice a day 🙂

Conclusion, I don’t think it’s matter, maybe might pay a little bit higher but took 5 days, while pay twice a day and probably a little bit less, I don’t know. It doesn’t matter which, both pool can be trusted, but one thing is got a lot less people mining on it. appears to have about 40-50% of the whole ethereum mining network.

Almost got hit by a school bus this morning

Just got home and it was so close. My van almost get hit by a school bus this morning. I think it was my fault, making a left turn a little bit early as the school bus approached full speed, well hopefully that bus was going 35, appears to be faster though. Hoking at me for a constant of 30 seconds, seems like a pissed off school bus driver.

Lesson learn? It doesn’t matter where you live or who you are, especially for children, need to give them some room, since children are the future if we educate them correctly and by setting up example 🙂 off course.

Now, not all school bus driver are perfect, and we need them to either change their behavior or get rid of them completely. Our children lives and future are in their hand. I’ve seen school bus driver making bad decisions, poor choices, and some even intoxicated either with drugs or even alcohol. If you recall there was a school bud driver that took children on a field trip and she weaved in and out of the highway lanes constantly, then there was another scenario where the school bus driver beat up a kid because he wasn’t behaving. Come on now. Please!

Conclusion! no one is perfect, I’m not, you’re not, and maybe god is 🙂 I just have to admit the mistake and move on, sure a lot of people will not be happy for what just had happened, but it was an accident. In my case, a kind of close one, well maybe not close because that school bus was speeding.

The most profitable virtual currency Bitcoins to mine is Ethereum

As of blogging this now. I think the most profitable virtual currency to mine is Ethereum. Although Ethereum is new, but appears to be somewhat active, not really active but enough to have some kind of momentum going.

Bitcoins SHA256 and Scrypts Asics are no longer profitable to mine, even if you have free power, well someone have to pay for power and hardware. The so call ASIC immune coins to mine with GPU all of them, not profitable. Even if Bitcoin were to go up $500.

So who’s mining these virtual coins now a day? yes, just commercial miner, big farm with massive equipment hard to mine these virtual coins. Only a handful of people individual miner are still mining for fun, not for profit.

Ethereum appears to be a little bit different than other virtual currencies coins when it come to mining. Ethereum, you can mine with all equipment, that included CPU, GPU and ASIC. However the algo appear to be a memory eater, meaning it uses a lot memory. The memory I’m talking about is the GPU memory, not so much with computer RAM although it would help but not significant. Therefore it’s only for GPU mining, useless to mine with ASIC and CPU as we would not get much hash rate out of asic and cpu.

In term of profitability? it’s the best as of now.

I bought 3 Bitcoin at $343 per BTC a couple days ago

So I finally did it, I actually purchased 3 additional Bitcoin at $342 a couple days and it went to $300. Was nervous? NO 🙂 because I have money to burn! NO wrong! because I have a $1000 in my bank sitting doing nothing, and I don’t feel the need of that money anytime soon, so what the hec! I went ahead buy something that potential can grow in greater value, a good investment. However if it goes down I don’t feel bad, because I know bitcoin is here to stay.

Bitcoin is here to stay, it will not go anywhere, ever if the world banned Bitcoin, as long as there is one computer with bitcoin, as long as there is internet or some kind of network it will be around. So I’m not worrying too much about loosing that $1000 or 3BTC :).

As of now 11/12/2015 10AM Eastern Time, Bitcoin is at $330, and I bought it at $343 🙂

Verizon Fios webmail email will get deleted and cannot be reactivated

Watch out folks, if you have Verizon Fios services, and using webmail or your email at or so. Your email will get deleted if you login or access your account in 180 days, it will get deleted forever and cannot be retrieved.

We wanted to let you know that we changed our email policy to provide that inactive email— accounts not accessed for 180 days—will be deleted and will not be able to be reactivated.

With this change, if you haven’t accessed your email account in over 180 days, your email account will be deleted, and you will not be able to reactivate it. This change only impacts your email account. Your access to will not be affected.

If this change applies to you and you’d like to keep your email account active, simply log in to from a computer and check your email within the next 30 days. Any email accounts that remain inactive after 30 days from the date that this notice is sent or that subsequently become inactive will be deleted, including the email address.

Please visit to review our updated policy.

Thanks for being a loyal Verizon customer.

New Scammer sending realistic email not caught by spam filter

Today I received a scam email faking to be Paypal. The email address and website tied to notice the 2 ll

We Noticed Unusual ActivityDear,
We need your help resolving an issue with your PayPaI account. Meanwhile,
to help protect your account, we’ve temporarily limited what you can do with it.What’s going on?
We noticed some unusual activity on your PayPaI account from Unknown location and are concerned about potential unauthorised account access,
Your PayPaI account will remain limited, Until you complete the necessary steps. What to do next
1. Login Here to your account.
2. Complete the steps to confirm your identity and your recent account activity.
3. Add or Confirm a Credit card.

Check My Account

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