Bitcoin crashed after 2 weeks straight in positive position

Since several weeks ago, Bitcoin price had went straight up daily until today. It’s Halloween! trick or treat!? well more like trick!

Was it all a trick several last two weeks that Bitcoin climbed up fast! Maybe it’s a bubble, well not anymore! it crashed from $330 to nearly $300 in one day, less than 24 hours. It is indeed still volatile. Maybe it’s time to buy, well to be honest, I wouldn’t, but if I have the money that I don’t need at all for the next  6 months to a year, I would buy Bitcoin. But I would not risk it 🙂

It’s extremely difficult to predict the Bitcoin price. The best guess ever is it could be $1 and it could be $100000000, no one know 🙂

Dell laptop Studio 1535 is protected by a password authentication system

How to get a free password for “Dell laptop Studio 1535 is protected by a password authentication system”

Not just with this particular model, but might work for some other dell computer also. Here’s the link where I can get the password generated automatically. Don’t spend any money on this, you should be able to get it for free. Here’s the link to get it.

free dell password authentication system

Basically I have a Dell Studio 1535 laptop. The cmos battery died, I don’t have the latop actual big battery, and so the laptop went into reset mode to nothing, and I got that error message. I searched around and almost all website asking me to pay to get the password, or make donation to get the password, or call Dell and provide proof ownership to get password. All those are balone! SCAM!!! you can the password for free with the above link.

Three rude white blonde girls mid 20s at SJC airport American Airline check in noon time

I don’t usually blog about other people behavior, unless it’s really necessary. In this case it is necessary.

I was in San Jose International Airport (SJC) on October 29th 2015 at right after noon time. I was checking in a luggage, and apparently it was 2lbs over weight and American Airline lady giving me a no mercy, I must take out 2lbs. Sadly my wife and 2 kids are far away to reach, I need my wife to check to see which item can be taken out and not. So I gave her a call and she’s on her way.

At the same time, all of a sudden these three blonde shows up in the back line and start complaining what’s taking so long? She asked the American Airline lady if she can check in while I’m waiting but apparently because she’s in the middle of checking in. The three blonde white girl started cussing and use profanity, seems like they’re in a hurry to check in. One of the blonde started to ask me what am I doing and who am I waiting for? I said nicely, “I’m waiting for my wife to come over to see what can be taking out of the luggage” I didn’t really look back and look at the three blonde face, I probably don’t want to, part of it because it’s my fault I’m causing the delay, but I was the first to check in at that counter anyways. No one else was in line.

So finally wife came over and got the 2 lbs off, it’s actually 50.5 lbs but I got let go anyways.

I started to walk slowly to the gate and I can see the three blonde walk up the escalator before me and they got to the line before me. Somehow one of the blonde started complaining about something to one of the TSA, and I ended up in front of them. There was another person just cut in front of me and I didn’t say anything, in fact I let the three blonde go before me anyways because they’re appear to be in a hurry, thought they’re late for their flight, and I was waiting for for my wife and kids anyways.

As we passed the security check point and we went to the Gate, sat down rest, and I decided to go get some water and food wife and kids, and there it is.

There is is, the three rude blonde in a hurry to? to? guess what? in a hurry to get drunk! that’s right, they’re at a bar chit chatting with the bar tender guy having a few drink as I can see, shot, and beer. You got to be kidding me? These three rude blonde in a hurry to get drunk at the bar.

I don’t have a problem with anyone, any races, any religion. However I just want to share my experience on this about these three white blonde girls. I wish I could have taken a picture of these three blonde and post them from start to finish.

Watch out for eBay buyer scam many sellers on getting free products

Recently I came across many forums indicated that eBay buyers are taking advantage of eBay buyer protections by returning items that are broken or wrong items when it’s not the original item shipped by the seller. Very sad to hear to this, because I’m also a eBay seller, and I had several bad experiences with eBay buyer taking advantage of the return policy where buyer return broken item or wrong one, just to get the right one for free.

Taking the latest report incident where a seller sold a item with serial #123 imprinted, but the buyer said received wrong item, not matching with picture. The buyer in this case is very clever having a PO BOX address to receive the item, so the buyer know it’s safe to scam any sellers because if the seller were to be upset and try to track down the address, would not be able to really know the real physical address. The ebay buyer is “pkc1005” having a PO BOX address female name, according to bad ebayer report.

In the past I’ve encountered similar situation and the buyer always win. So is there anything the seller can do? Unfortunately not really since eBay always side with the buyer. The only thing the seller can do is to report it to eBay, report a Buyer option, but chances are eBay will never look at your report until it hit the threshold of certain #, the logic might be as simple as if the buyer have 10 reviews, and 2 of those reviews are bad, or 2 reported bad eBay buyer then Ebay will step in and will review all the note. However chances are eBay will never review report a buyer until it reached those threshold, this doesn’t mean you shouldn’t report, you need to report so that it will hit that threshold for ebay to step in and review and take appropriate action.

Not just the eBay buyer scam the seller, but sometime the seller also scam the eBay buyer, but for the purpose of this blog entry, I’m only focusing on the eBay Buyer. is a new Bitcoin buying Scam?

I have come across many blog post talking about the press release by miners center ( website indicating it’s a scam for buying 10% higher than what bitcoin merchant or exchange are buying/selling. Most of the blogs researched and tested the transaction said that it’s a scam. They tested with 0.2 Bitcoin, sent the 0.2 Bitcoin and got paid via paypal, but realized the paypal payment was from a hacked account.

I have been monitoring the Bitcoin news and over the past few days, Bitcoin news posted a a site name offering 10% higher price buying Bitcoin. The news in regard to was a press release article on the reason for offering 10% higer than current price of Bitcoin. It’s a Press Released article to make it more realistic steering away from being a noticeable scam.

A closer look at the website. The website is not professionally made and it’s pretty much similar to those pyramid scam scheme or so call high yield investment program, and a lot of blog that talks about Bitcoin indicated that is the previous scam of btp flap operating the same way.

I have not tried either one, but I’ve been in bad situation with Paypal when and Bank Transfer with Bitcoin. Basically if I sell Bitcoin via Paypal, the buyer can say that they never received the item, and the buyer always win because Paypal don’t do business virtual item like Bitcoin, definitely a NO NO Bitcoin with paypal, the buyer will always get their money back no matter what proof you have paypal will always side with the buyer because you’re selling Bitcoin and Paypal do not allow selling of Bitcoin.

For Bank Transfer, some bank will not allow reversal of Bank Transfer, no matter what. Once someone transfer you the money via Bank Transfer, it’s a one way transfer. However now a day, many bank does look into special cases and they will reverse the bank transfer, such as scam activities. So don’t think that receive the money via bank transfer and it will not get reverse, it can, and it will.

I have experience with HYIP (high yield investment programs) and most of the time the scammer win. Some investors win, but to loose again on some other one.

Bitcoin price has been good lately let’s hope it will maintain the momentum

I haven’t blog for a day or two, been busy with work. However I did keep a close look at Bitcoin price or value. It has been in the positive position.

I also checked the news and the latest is that Europe Bitcoin will not impose VAT for Bitcoin transaction, I think that’s good news. At least a positive for Bitcoin in Europe.

One thing to keep in mind about Bitcoin is that SCAM are popping up all over the web. Never fall for anything too good to be true. Bitcoin SCAM has been very clever lately. SCAM that are too real to be a scam, but it is. One good way to check is do a google search or check on bitcointalk or reddit, and some other well reputable blog in regard to Bitcoin. Do not read news that have little knowledge about Bitcoin, all they do is post Press Release and so on, but without doing any thorough research.

Dell Laptop M3800 power on nothing happen dead motherboard replacement

Everything is on the title of this blog. If you have a Dell Laptop model M3800, and it’s working great for you? Fast, reliable, sleek, touch screen and good looking, but guess what? one day it will died on you and your life will be miserable, because you can’t turn it back on, no matter what you tried.

The problem with this model M3800 is a faulty motherboard, once it have that power on issue, you will never be able to fix it, such as take battery out, hold down the power button, unplug this and time, it will not work. The motherboard need to be replaced. Dell knew about this and the fastest that they can replace for you is 2 days, some even wait longer.


Bitcoin BTC price continue to rise this whole week

Well, it’s Friday, TGIF, thanks god it’s Friday, isn’t it? The good news with Bitcoin all this week is the price continue to stay in the positive position nearly reached $260 average. Who knows what’s going to be next week.

I checked the news on Bitcoin, and I searched most everywhere for any news on why Bitcoin price is moving up positive position, but there isn’t any answer, just like it fall and rise dramatically, there isn’t any real answer, just plain common sense saying because people are buying it more than selling.

In fact, the news I came across in regard to Bitcoin news are not good news. We have news about Bitcoin start up stop operating or closed down or will shut down. News about Bitcoin startup steered different direction instead of Bitcoin directly, they’re taking advantage of the Blockchain instead.

One thing that concern me is about the Multibit wallet that I have, appears to have newer version that I need to upgrade. I had it upgraded before and appear to be easy. I have some Bitcoin in that wallet with signature key and very strong password, in addition to having the whole hard drive  encrypted. To better protect my BTC in addition to those above, I think I need to also take it offline from the internet or even internal network, so call Cold Wallet. I don’t have much, but I think it’s good practice 🙂 who knows maybe one day Bitcoin 1BTC will worth $1000 again 🙂 I’m optimistic.

Verizon Fios Residential TV free On Demand Movies this week end October 16th to 19th

Just in case anyone have Verizon Fios TV, they’re giving away free On Demand Movies TV shows and more, including some of the premium channels will be made available to watch all day long starting tomorrow Friday October 16th to Sunday October 19th 11:59PM 🙂

Verizon Fios internet is awesome, I’m pretty sure their TV services also. I do have it, the only thing is I have pay for the Set Top Box monthly rental and only support one TV, so if you have more than one TV, you may need to rent more than one set top box. Once in a while, for some channels, there’s a quick glitch or somekind of distortion both the audio and videos, it’s like a CD skipping when hitting a bump on the road.

I’ve took advantage of this before, and what really work for me was those premium channels. As for the on demand, not too many free movies selections, hopefully it’s different this time. Will see.

Swagbucks android phones users cannot connect to any of Swagbucks Apps

*** updated 10/15/2015 – swagbucks aware of the issue, it’s due to apps versions on android, Swagbucks provided solution

There has been reports of many users not able to connect to Swagbucks network servers to run their Swagbucks apps such as SBTV Entertainment and so on. The Swagbucks connectivity issues has been going on for the last two weeks, it’s not just recently, and up til now many users still not able to connect.

According to reddit swagbucks community users still reporting not able to connect. Users had tried the following.

  • Swagbucks Android Apps users.
    • Go to Manage Apps and Force App to stop, then clear Cache, then clear Data, then re-login
    • Uninstall the App then reinstall the App.
    • Reboot Wifi Router.
    • The last thing many people shouldn’t be doing is to renew the IP address by doing dns flush or something to their router. This wouldn’t work anyways for those that have static IP.

There isn’t much the users can do after the above. User can try to contact Swagbucks support, posting on facebook will probably get your post deleted or not going through anyways.

So what really happened to Swagbucks? Some people said that in the past, Swagbucks did this because of the volume of users were beyond capacity server can handle. It fixes itself once people started to drop off Swagbucks, meaning the many users loss faith and never go back, making room for those that had the patient stayed behind to try again later.